Music and the Internet

     There are thousands of songs available on the internet. They can be used as background music for your web page, played and recorded on any MIDI compatible device such as a keyboard, or just downloaded onto your hard drive for personal listening pleasure. MIDI files are useful because they require very little storage space and therefore, are very quick to download and play off the internet. There are other types of sound files used on the net also. WAV, MP3, AU, and Real Audio are just a few. Some sound files require special "players" which can also be downloaded off the internet. Microsoft Media Player , Real Player , and Win Amp are a few of the "players" available. The newer web browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer come with players built into them. These browsers can "decode" and play back most sound files you find on the internet.
     MP3 is the digital audio format most widely used today. To say it is the most controversial subject of the new millenium is an understatement. And because the world of formats can sometimes be confusing, we will give you the lowdown without too much technical jargon. Using file sharing utilities like Napster or Gnutella allow computer users with an internet connection to download thousands of songs. Once downloaded, these songs can be played back on the computer or recorded onto a CD for playback in a home or car stereo system.