Sending a letter via the postal service is not dead...yet! E-Mail just makes sending things a bit, no make that, tremendously faster! The idea you have now that you would love to share with someone on the other side of the world, can now be sent in a matter of seconds. Imagine you want to sent a "Thank You Note" or a "Dear John Letter" or even a copy of your great grandmother's cookie recipe to someone and you need it there NOW. You cant wait three or four days (maybe even longer) for the information to be in the other person's hands or, send it E-Mail. Within a matter of seconds, your information can be on someone else's computer. Once they have it, then it can be printed up just as if you had wrote it on paper, stuffed it in an envelope, stamped it, and carried down to the post office. You even save the cost of a stamp!
     Along with your E-Mail message, you can include pictures, sounds, even video images! There are so many things that you can do with E-Mail that yocompanies thatu may give up paper and pen completely (well maybe not completely, but you can start to see the possibilites). E-Mail is a service that is provided from your I.S.P (internet service provider) but is available even without a regular I.S.P. for people who do not want to pay for full internet use. There are services that allow you to check and send E-Mail from any computer terminal in the world while you are traveling. If you have access to a computer anywhere, you can be linked to your mail and not have to wait till you get home to read it.
     The newer internet browsers (Microsoft's Explorer, Netscape's Navigator) include wonderful E-Mail programs built into them. There are also some stand alone programs such as Eudora, Pegasus, and Juno for example. Your local library may also allow free use of E-Mail. The local Hernando County court house even has public terminals available at no charge to check your E-Mail!
     Willoh Computer Services will assist you in establishing your own personal E-Mail account. We will show you how to compose, edit, attach files (pictures and sound), send, retrieve, and view your mail. Using E-Mail is one of the easiest ways to communicate on the internet and is still the most popular today.

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