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     The internet allows people to communicate with others all over the world! You can be in Florida like us and carry on a conversation with someone in Europe, Asia or anywhere else as long as both parties are "on-line". The best part is there are no long distance telephone charges assuming you are dialing into a local I.S.P. (internet service provider). Chatting on-line is done a number of ways. From typing out your conversation on your keyboard to full video and audio (shades of Dick Tracy's 2-way Wrist Radio)!
     The internet started as a way for the goverment and major universities to communicate with each other, therfore chatting on-line is as old as the internet itself. Today, people use the internet as a means to communicate with friends and business associates, shop, researh educational information, and just to meet new people from all over the world.
     With the use of a "Chat" program, one can "reach out and touch someone" from the comfort of their own home. Some of the "Chat" programs available are mIRC, ICQ, and Yahoo Pager. There are many others just as good and there is no one standard program. In order to communicate with another party, they must also have the same program installed and running on their computer. Most of these programs are free to download and are easy to set up. What is hard is tearing yourself away from the monitor because it can become very addicting!
     For those of you that find typing just too hard, there are many "Internet Phone" programs available. Pow-Wow, Vocal-Tech's Internet Phone, and Microsoft's Net Meeting just to name a few are easy to use as well. You need to have a microphone and a sound card (or a modem that supports voice) in your computer.
     The latest technology available now lets you have live video as well as audio! With the addition of an inexpensive video camera, you can broadcast your smiling face as well as your voice to anyone anywhere in the world. And if the other party is equipped with camera and microphone you will see their response as it happens!
     @YourHome Services can help you get connected and show you how you can become a "net-citizen". We will have you talking to distant relatives, long lost friends, or help you meet wonderful new people in no time.

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